Welcoming Bitcoin Halving, Crypto Academy Holds the Biggest Event in the World

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Xoken.org – The cryptocurrency education and community platform, Crypto Academy, held the Road to Bitcoin Halving event at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta, Sunday (7/4).

This event is the main highlight in order to welcome a phenomenon in the world of cryptocurrency, namely the Bitcoin Halving, which is predicted to occur in April 2024.

Bitcoin Halving is a rare event that occurs once every four years, where the reward for Bitcoin miners is halved.

The main goal is to maintain Bitcoin inflation and ensure that this crypto asset maintains a value that can be maintained over time.

“On this four-yearly occasion, we want to expand education about crypto in Indonesia by holding this free event which was attended by more than 8,000 people,” said Crypto Academy Co-founder, Timothy Ronald in his statement.

“This is a form of my gratitude to the crypto industry which has brought my life to this point, crypto has changed my life, and I want this new technology to be more widely accepted by society to encourage adoption in the country,” he continued.

In commemoration of this important moment, the Crypto Academy invited thousands of members and cryptocurrency communities from various regions.

Not only that, a number of speakers were also presented, namely Crypto Academy Co-Founder Timothy Ronald, Crypto Academy Co-Founder Kalimasada, BRI Ventures CEO Nicko Widjaja, Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan, Triv Exchange CEO Gabriel Rey, and Reku Reku COO Robby.

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