Crypto Prices Rise This Afternoon, Bitcoin Is Above US$70 Thousand

Posted by – Crypto asset prices tend to strengthen in trading this afternoon. Including Bitcoin, the crypto ‘currency’ with the largest market capitalization.

On Thursday (11/4/2024) at 13:22 WIB, the price of Bitcoin was at US$ 70,661. Up 0.17% from the previous day.

Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin closed soaring more than 2% to US$ 70,539.

However, Bitcoin’s increase was not the highest this afternoon. Ether became the crypto asset with the sharpest increase, reaching 0.78%.

Followed by Stellar in second place with a price increase of 0.73%. In third place is Litecoin with a price increase of 0.7%.

Citing a Deutsche Bank survey released earlier this week, it appears that people’s skepticism towards Bitcoin has decreased. Less than a third of respondents still question Bitcoin’s price prospects.

The survey involved more than 3,600 respondents. As many as 52% stated that crypto assets would become important assets and could become a means of payment in the future.

Regarding the price outlook, around a third of respondents in the United States (US) estimate that the price of Bitcoin could fall to US$20,000 by the end of 2024. This figure is much smaller, where in the January survey it still reached 36%.

Meanwhile, the number of respondents who said that crypto assets were only a temporary phenomenon and would disappear was only less than 10%.

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