Indodax: We see positive growth in the value of Indonesian crypto transactions

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Jakarta – Indodax Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Oscar Darmawan stated that his party saw positive growth in the value of crypto transactions in Indonesia.

“We see positive growth in the value of crypto transactions in Indonesia. The growing interest in crypto assets in Indonesia encourages us (Indodax) to remain committed to advancing the crypto ecosystem in the country,” he said in an official statement, Jakarta, Tuesday.

According to the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti), the number of crypto investors reached 19.75 million people or an increase of 2.97 percent compared to February 2024. Likewise with the surge in the value of crypto transactions in Indonesia which reached 207.5 percent in March 2024.

Oscar said that the same positive trend was also shown by his party because there was an increase in the number of members to 6.5 million, thus having an impact on trading volume on Indodax more than doubling in March 2024. This indicates growing public interest in crypto as one of the investment instruments.

“The increase in crypto transactions reflects the potential of the crypto market in Indonesia and shows that crypto assets are increasingly being accepted as a promising investment alternative. “To facilitate this increase, proper supervision and proper education are needed to ensure the continued growth of the crypto industry,” he also said.

According to him, one of the main factors driving this surge was the increase in Bitcoin prices followed by the increase in other coins. With the increase in the price of Bitcoin to above IDR 1 billion, investors and traders tend to carry out more active transactions which causes a significant increase in trading volume.

Support from regulators for the crypto industry is also considered to influence the development and increase of crypto assets in Indonesia.

On the other hand, Indodax is said to continue to educate the public through the Indodax Academy with the aim of providing the public with an in-depth understanding of crypto investment and blockchain technology.

“We provide training, webinars and educational materials created to help individuals understand the potential and risks of crypto investment. We believe that by providing access to the right knowledge and information, we can help people make wiser investment decisions,” said the CEO of Indodax .

Apart from that, he said again, Indodax is also collaborating with the Indonesian Blockchain and Crypto Asset Traders Association (Aspakrindo—ABI) in the Crypto Literacy Month (BLK) program in May 2024.

“Through our collaboration and participation in BLK 2024, we are committed to providing resources and support to ensure the success of this program and contribute to the inclusive growth of the crypto industry in Indonesia.” Oscar said too.





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