Comparison of Investment Profits, Gold or Bitcoin Who is the Champion?

Posted by – Investors reaped blessings during the month of Ramadan, where gold, the stock market and bitcoin recorded impressive increases. Not to mention a number of issuers provide dividends which make investors even happier. So what investment instruments provide benefits for investors?

The CNBC Indonesia research team has summarized the performance of this instrument in several periods assuming a lump sum purchase within a certain period with capital of IDR 100,000,000. The results are as follows:

Comparison of Investment Instruments

If you look at long-term investments, any instrument can provide significant profits in the last five years. So it can be said that investment is able to beat annual inflation.

Stock investments in BBCA and ANTM, for example, do not include dividends declared each year. So you can still get even bigger profits.

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