Bitget Bitcoin Pizza Day Celebrated Simultaneously in Several Southeast Asian Countries

Posted by – The Bitget community, which is gathered in developing the community of the Bitget platform as one of the largest global scale crypto and Web3 trading platforms in the world, has enlivened the celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day or commonly referred to as Bitcoin Pizza Day in several Southeast Asian regions such as Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

During the celebration, there were various interesting activities carried out by all the participants who attended the event. The total number of participants from all countries reached almost 600 participants with a series of exciting events such as free pizza for all participants, special designs on pizza in the form of the Bitcoin pizza logo, quiz challenges and fastest pizza eating competitions, ‘Hodl Bar Challenge’, content and comments the best on social media as well as networking opportunities with well-known influencers to find out more about crypto market conditions and views on the crypto market in the future.

The Bitcoin Pizza Day celebration supported by the Bitget community is not just an ordinary celebration every year but provides proof that the community’s role is very large in the company’s development by providing education, increasing the company’s brand awareness, and accepting suggestions and criticism directly to be conveyed to the company (Bitget) . This is also related to one of the values ​​adopted by Bitget as a crypto and Web3 platform, namely open communication, where companies, communities, users and all entities are transparent in accepting opinions and criticism from all parties.

“Bitcoin Pizza Day marks a watershed moment in cryptocurrency history,” said Gracy Chen, CEO at Bitget. “Celebrating this moment reminds us how cryptocurrency started from a new concept to become a revolutionary force in finance. It honors the early adopters who believed in the potential of decentralized technology and encourages us to continue exploring innovative uses of cryptocurrency. At Bitget, we are proud to bring together a global community every year to celebrate this milestone and reflect on the incredible progress in this industry.”

A little about Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day or Bitcoin Pizza Day is a moment that may not be forgotten by someone who made a transaction using Bitcoin for the first time to buy physical goods in the form of two pizzas around 2010, where the price of 1 Bitcoin at that time was 0.003 cents compared to this year’s around ROKOKBET $69,000. . It also highlights Bitcoin’s journey from an unknown digital currency to a widely recognized financial instrument.

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